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Question : I am unable to use my ATM card to buy E-Champions credits.

Answer : To be able to carry out web transactions, any of the following may be applicable action that you need to take:-
1. Ask your bank to enable your card for web-based transactions.
2. Some merchant payment channels may require that you obtain additional security code before you can successfully buy with your card. For instance, Interswitch requires that you register with your bank or via ATM machine for Safetoken.
The Safetoken enables you carry out transactions on any web merchant site that has integrated to the Interswitch payment gateway using a One Time Password (OTP) as a second level authentication process in addition to your Card Number, Card Expiry Date, PIN and CVV2 code.

Question : How can I have access to Past Questions in exams champions.

Answer : The first requirement is REGISTRATION. After registration you can Select JAMB, NECO, or WAEC from the Exam Questions module.

Question : How many questions can I access once registered.

Answer : Once you are registered, you will have access to all the subjects and questions that are available in JAMB, NECO, & WAEC Exam Question module; However you can only view the first 6 questions for all the subject years. Beyond this, you need to subscribe for E-Credits to have unlimited access to all JAMB, NECO & WAEC questions in the Exams Questions Module.

Question : How do I purchase my exams champions E-Credits?

Answer : (1). Register with Exams Champions;
(2). Login with your registration details (User Name & Password);
(3). Click MY ACCOUNT.
(4). Click on Buy E-Credits. and follow the secured process through to the end.

Question : What happens if my E-Credits Purchase fail, e.g. Error 20031?

Answer : What can make E-Credit purchases to fail include any of the following:-

i. Your card may not have been enabled by your bank for web purchases. GO TO YOUR BANK TO ENABLE YOUR CARD.

ii. You may need SafeToken as your One Time Password(OTP) in case of interswitch payment channel. Interswitch will provide you with the steps on how to get your SafeToken at ATM or your Bank when you give them your email address.

iii. It may be internet failure.

iv. It may be any other issue, however, your account will not be charged for E-Credits you have not received. Where your account is debited for E-Credits not received, it will be reversed by the bank.

v. 20031 Error.
If you have error 20031 call or TEXT your USERNAME to any of the Exams Champions CONTACT Hot Lines for prompt support. You may also send your USERNAME by email.
On receipt of your USERNAME, Your E-Credit code will be sent to the same email address that you used when registering with Exams Champions.

Question : What is the cost of Exams Champions E-Credits?

Answer : Exams Champions E-Credits are very, very, cheap. It is unbelievable. After your registration or successful login, you can view the rates by clicking MY ACCOUNT, then Buy E-Credits.
The good thing is that the benefits you will derive from using exams champions far outweigh the price that you pay.

Question : What special Training features do we have in Exams Champions Exam Question module?

Answer : Exams Champions offer candidates LIVE PRACTICE and EXAM CONDITIONS modules.

LIVE PRACTICE helps students to take full control of how they review past questions and answers. It gives students opportunity to practice at their own pace, have time to make reference to books and other study materials; And helps them to know the questioning techniques of the examiners.

Selecting EXAM CONDITION enables you to set time for the paper and place yourself as if you are in examination hall. It is timed and once the time is exhausted, the system shuts you out and present your report sheet on that subject. We advise that for a subject of 1 hour duration, students should set 2 hour timing and gradually reduce the timing in subsequent practice till he or she is able to answer all the questions within 45 minutes or less.

Question : How will Exams Champions help me to pass my exams?

Answer : Exams Champions is an assurance for students to succeed in their exams. It has integrated all the past questions from inception(in case of JAMB) to date in a Year-By-Year structure. The truth is that These Examiners do not really set new questions. Its the same questions and sometimes in a different format. Any student that practiced all the past questions from inception to date in any subject has no reason to fail because he or she has built for himself or herself the potential to excel in next examinations.

Exams Champions is not a static repository for questions and answers. Analytical reviews are constantly being carried out by subject matter experts as an ongoing process to guarantee addition to knowledge as new studies and ideas emerge.

To help the entire process, we strongly advice students and other experts to send in their FEED BACK and suggestions that can help us to improve. To enable you do this, every question carries a feedback page that you can quickly click, type, and submit. We place enormous value on the feedback that you send to us.

Question : Apart from Past Examination Questions, what other Products and Services are available in Exams Champions?

Answer : Exams Champions is an integrated e-learning platform consisting of Exam Question, Online School, Chat Room, Survey tools, and Free email.

1. The Exam Question module is designed to provide students, schools, and Revision Classes Practitioners with a repository of past questions to learn and to train from.

2. Online school is innovative approach to transform classroom training to real-time e-learning internet environment. On completion, it will provide unlimited opportunity for Secondary School Pupils and for Adults who desire to pass through Junior Secondary School and Senior Secondary school curriculums from the comfort of their homes.

3. Online Survey tool will be available to provide University students and researchers with a platform to support data gathering for projects and research work. It is provided free of charge.

4. Chat Room and Email are free friendly communication facilities provided for student interaction.